WATCH: Jill Scott’s “Back Together” Video with Complexions Contemporary Ballet Will Move You to Tears

Jill Scott just released the video for her lead single, “Back Together” from her new album, Woman.

Yes, I’m going to let that sentence stand on its own.

After watching the Soul Train Awards and seeing and HEARING Miss Jill Scott receive the inaugural Lady of Soul award, I was primed and ready for the full force return of Jilly From Philly. Jill Scott ha s long been one of my favorite singers, both for her soulful voice and her unabashed ownership of her sexuality and black womanhood. Jill Scott is the kind of artist you listen to when you’ve got THANGS on your mind.

For her latest music video, “Back Together”, Jill reached deep into the weariness that is currently prevasive in a certain segment of humanity. The beautifully diverse Complexions Contemporary Ballet troupe is the star of this video– Jill is nowhere to be seen. The opening sequence sets the scene for the healing performance that follows.

Dance has the power to transmit emotion in a way that exceeds the spoken word.

Pick up Jill Scott’s “Woman” on Amazon or iTunes.

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